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    Is Your Pet Behaving Badly? How to Improve your Cat’s Behavior

    Cats make great companions and pets; however, many cats have behavioral issues that their owners find difficult to understand. Some of the most common reasons for needing to improve how your cat acts around the home include the use of the litter box, interaction with other animals, scratching furniture, and marking their territory. Of course, […]

  • inappropriate urination cats

    Inappropriate Urination in Cats

    Cats are generally known for being very clean pets, however, sometimes problems can occur if you start to notice them urinating in strange places. In fact, inappropriate urination in cats is one of the most common reasons why cat owners look for new homes for their once-loved pets. There can be many reasons why your […]

  • Cats love to climb

    Even in Huntington Beach cats are natural climbers. Fact is if your cat is hard to find then they are probably in an elevated location. Cats naturally love being higher up, and so it is important for cats to have a safe climbing area. Some of the benefits that come from a cat learning to […]