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  • national pet day

    National Pet Day – How to Celebrate your Pet

    April 11 is National Pet Day and it gives all pet owners the chance to give some extra treats to their furry friends. Of course, loving pet owners show affection and appreciation to their pets every day. However, National Pet Day helps us remember the companionship that our pets give us daily. Here are some […]

  • immunizations utmost importance

    Immunizations are of the Utmost Importance

    Immunizations are an essential part of your pet’s health care routine. They keep your pets free from diseases and also help protect human members of the family. Even if pets are kept mostly indoors, they could still succumb to contagious airborne infections. There are times when pets have to be exposed to other animals, for […]

  • Cats love to climb

    Even in Huntington Beach cats are natural climbers. Fact is if your cat is hard to find then they are probably in an elevated location. Cats naturally love being higher up, and so it is important for cats to have a safe climbing area. Some of the benefits that come from a cat learning to […]