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  • pet insurance

    The Best Pet Insurance Plans on the Market

    Finding the best pet insurance is one way to make sure your pet gets the healthcare he needs. However, choosing between the different pet insurance companies can be a challenge. Some types of pet health insurance have yearly caps, take longer than others reimburse pet owners, or don’t cover certain medical conditions. There are many […]

  • importance of blood tests

    The Importance of Blood Tests for Your Pets

    Very often vets will advise on getting blood tests carried out on your pets. Blood tests are important to monitor the health of your pet and also identify any potential health risks that your pet is facing. However, because there is extra expense involved in getting this bloodwork done, some pet owners neglect to have […]

  • pets warm winter

    How to Keep your Pets Warm in Winter

    Keeping pets warm in winter does not have to be difficult. However, the cold winter weather presents many challenges in keeping your pet cat or dog warm. Just like humans, pets are susceptible to extremely cold temperatures and can suffer from frostbite, hypothermia, and slipping on ice. With a little planning and forethought, there is […]